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Re: [IP] trageDy

> I watched a Monday Night Football game several months ago where Al Michaels > commented that DE Michael Sinclair of the Seahawks was diagnosed with > diabetes over the summer. (He was dx'ed with Type II) Boomer Esaison (sp?) > chipped in, "Yeah, but he doesn't take shots; he just takes sugar pills." 
> I don't know. Maybe he expends so many calories, he needs to ingest extra > glucose during games. A cup of Gatorade would do the trick. Or maybe Boomer > doesn't know what he's talking about, medically. There's some color > commentary for you.

I was also watching that game. While I can't remember exactly what was
said, I seem to recall some discussion that he had to eat a full meal at
halftime to keep his sugar levels up because of the exercise. I remember
thinking that sounded a bit extreme, even considering the intensity of
exercise. The "sugar pills" comment I interpreted as "pills to control
his sugars". Sort of like "blood pressure pills" -- you take them to
control it, not to get it. Still, the conversation made it pretty
obvious that they felt it was interesting/should be mentioned, but
didn't really know what the heck they were talking about.
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