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Re: [IP] Testing at 3am and compliance

>My 2nd roommate when we shared a room, would wake up every time I was low.  >Even if she was sleeping herself.  She never could figure out why, but she >just knew I was "sleeping weird".

I also wake up whenever hubby Shane is having a low during the night. He
will sleep right through it, but not me. It is hard to describe exactly
how I know, but your roommate has phrased it just right -- he is
"sleeping weird"! The first few times it happened I did not know it was
a low (mid 20s) causing it, and he went into a seizure. Since then I
figured out what was going on and have been reliably waking up when he
is around 60 for over a year. So, Shane rarely does the 3am tests now,
unless I wake him up to test.

A slightly odd note: our CDE tells us that several women have reported
to her that they can tell when their husbands are going low because they
"smell funny". Has anyone else noticed this? Shane does not "smell
funny" when low, but occasionally does when really high...
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