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Subject: Re: Subject: [IP] Tender Site Life Short - Considering Velosulin/Humalog Mix

Hi April,
Highs like you describe come and go for Jenna, too, and I do blame them on
growth hormone, for lack of better explanation - but, I think the adults
have ups and downs like that, too, and have to adjust occasionally, so I
don't know what they blame it on!  When Humalog is the problem, usually the
numbers are okay for a day or two after a site change, so your consistently
high numbers are probably something else.  Jenna has had to change from 1:20
(that was never enough) to 1:15, and now uses 1:10 at breakfast and lunch,
though 1:15 for supper.  You're doing the right thing, adjusting the basals
and boluses, but WARNING! sometimes Jenna will go for 2 or 3 weeks with
highs like that, then all the sudden, start going low - and we end up back
on the basals we started from  (and other ladies, she's 10, no periods to
blame it on yet).


<<We were about to get some perfect running numbers when all the sudden
BG went up and began running in the 300s . We supplemented for 3 or 4 days .
Now we have changed from 1 to 20 up to 1 to 15. Still high- increasing all
basals as well.
 Have you seen anything like this ?
We only checked for ketones once- none.
Is this adolescent hormones?
I wish I knew.
We use the 6mm sft set- never haven't had any problems>>

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