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[IP] The mind is a funny thing!

Hi all!
I have been contemplating getting a pump and reading your posts for a
while now.  I tell you, the mind is a funny thing!
I just figured out what I have been doing!  (Lightbulb!!)  I have been
reading about your free schedules, eating whenever and whatever, and
sleeping in......  and I have incorporated those luxuries into my life!
Imagine the horrendous control I have been having!!

Good thing the paperwork to get a pump is in the works because I am
getting into this freedom!  I know I need to get my act back
together..... I used to be so so so disciplined about eating at the same
time, excercising at the time (especially on NPH !   That stuff was a
bummer!  Thank heavens ultralente came along!)  Anyway, I went from
being extremely disciplined for 9 years to zip nil nada no discipline
the past 3 months.

I think the other reason I pooped out on the discipline was because the
results were not that great even when I was so rigorous.  ( I guess it
was 9 years of perserverence because it was certainly not 9 years of
good blood sugars that kept me going!!)

I know there are a zillion posts, so excuse the chatter, but if there is
someone out there who could tell me I wasn't weak or crazy to throw in
the towel the last three months I would really appreciate it!  :-)

Thanks!  Gail

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