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[IP] Reporting on Party with the Pump!

Thanks to all who responded to my post about how to wear my pump and 
discreetly bolus.
I headed out Saturday afternoon and bought a garter and a pair of the 
"Stay-ups" nylons. I explained to the lingerie staff what I was trying to do 
and they were very helpful...I check out the bras with the removable padding 
I just put the pump in the top of the nylon and it stayed put! I bolused 
discreetly by crossing my legs and having the pump-leg on top then under my 
napkin I easily pressed the bolus button...no problems!!
The meal was catered and quite drawn out....over 1.5 hours of eating.
I just bolused as each course was set before me. My bgs were great and by 
bedtime my bg was 117! That was even after estimating for a sweet dessert ( 
I only ate half).
WOW, I do love this pump!!!
Carolyn Green
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