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Re: [IP] pregnancy & diabetes

Just wanted you to know I have 4 wonderful and healthy children. I was 
diagnosed with type 1 at age 19 and I am now 42 years young! I have worked 
hard to keep things in good control and I have no complications.
All of my pregnancies went to full term (37 to 38.5 weeks). My first was a 
regular (vag. birth) and my second was a C-section because the baby was 
breach. My next two were again regular births. My control during pregnancy 
for my last born (4 years ago) was very good as I was balancing carbs and 
insulin (on MDI at the time). She ended up being my smallest baby at 6 
lbs.10 ozs.. There was a lot of difference and improvement in the way my 
pregnancies were handled over my 13 years of childbearing. I would well 
imagine that there will be even further advances as the years go by and your 
daughter enters that stage of her life. Feel free to e-mail me privately and 
I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

>From: Kerri <email @ redacted>

>Gee, I'm just full of questions today. Hope no one minds!
>I have been wondering about this since my daughter (age 9) was
>diagnosed 3+ yrs ago.
>already know that a diabetic pregnancy is considered high risk,
>but does it mean automatic c-sections too? (What about automatic
>early inductions - has anyone here ever been "allowed" to go to
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