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Yes, there has always been a lot of misinformation out there. Now that I have the pump and feel that I can eat most anything and cover it with a bolus, I meet people who assume I can't eat anything sugary. I know, everyone on this list can relate to this! Good thing I have been T1 so long that I don't really have a sweet tooth, and I don't grab for the cookies at parties, etc. So by going for the veggie tray, I am perpetuating the myth. Oh well.
    Regarding the Asheville newspaper article: I watched a Monday Night Football game several months ago where Al Michaels commented that DE Michael Sinclair of the Seahawks was diagnosed with diabetes over the summer. (He was dx'ed with Type II) Boomer Esaison (sp?) chipped in, "Yeah, but he doesn't take shots; he just takes sugar pills."
    I don't know. Maybe he expends so many calories, he needs to ingest extra glucose during games. A cup of Gatorade would do the trick. Or maybe Boomer doesn't know what he's talking about, medically. There's some color commentary for you.