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Re: [IP] high #'s after set change

In a message dated 1/22/00 8:05:28 PM Central Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< The MM Sof-set infusion 
 set lasts longer, but causes her problems; it often itches or actually 
  So she never gets more than 2 days with this set.  The Siloette feels 
 better, but comes out all the time.  So with frequent changes of infusion 
 sets, she needlessly has high numbers every other day after each set change. 
 I haven't felt this depressed since diagnosis.  >>

Have you tried her with the bent needle set? We have a few folks in my local 
support group who use them because of the same problems you mentioned with 
the other sets. Hang in there though. Pumping is difficult in the beginning, 
but after some time, it does get easier : )

 Ami in FL
dx'd at age 9
MM 507C since 1/99
last A1c- 7.0
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