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Re: [IP] new pump

At 05:55 PM 1/23/2000  Michael Weiss wrote:
>I tend to agree with what you are saying.  I have been pumping for only 
>about a
>week and have found my life has become incredibly complicated since the 

As with anything totally new, there is a steep initial learning curve. 
That's what you are going through now. It'll take a number of weeks for you 
to figure out how to handle different situations and how to get your pump 
programmed correctly. You will also be testing a lot more frequently than 
before until things settle into a routine. Once that hurdle is past, 
however, you will find your life much simpler, not more complicated. So, 
just hang in there and it'll come... just don't lose patience in the meantime.

As far as your set coming out, that's not typical for most of us. You may 
have to experiment with different sets, and tapes until you find the combo 
that works for you. Which set are you using??

Pumping since June '98

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