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Jim -
I have to add my opinion here (of course!) so here goes: A)  NOT insulin shock - probably a hyperglycemic induced coma/death; B) no offense to anyone if they practice or are being treated by one, but who would take their child to an ALTERNATIVE PRACTITIONER to diagnose and treat such a disease???????
That is absolutely insane to think that the poor little girls mom would have her treated by someone not specializing in the mainstream.  Alternative medicine may work for some things, but it CANNOT treat insulin dependent diabetes!!!!  I think if my child had rec'd such a diagnoses I would see a good old regular doctor!  How sad for the little girl, for the mother - for her loss, but also for the guilt she must feel for not doing something about it, especially as she was getting sicker and sicker.   It never should have happened.  On a side note, some people put faith in such treatments - whether they be faith healers or 'alternative practitioners' - maybe the parents were looking for an easier way to cope with it - 'Oh - just herbs?  That's much better than being treated with needles.'  I have a friend who when six was taken to a faith healer to cure her of her diabetes- he laid his hands on her head, said a prayer, and told her parents she was fine - she didn't need any more injections - a week later she was very close to death  in the hospital - and it took almost another two weeks before she was well enough to come back to school.  She says her parents were just 'hoping for a miracle' and that they have felt guilty ever since (let's point out almost 20 years later they still feel horrible about the incident).  There was talk about them suing the healer, but my mom said they couldn't due to the fact they had willfully taken her to see him.
I think a lot of folks out there would love to hear about such a miracle... but for now we all fight it as best we can with the technology available to us.  I'll consider myself a step closer as soon as I get my pump....

At 07:31 AM 1/23/2000 -0600, you wrote:
Here's a partial copy of a newspaper article from the Asheville, NC Citizen Times:
ASHEVILLE - Alternative practitioner Laurence Perry's lawyer steadfastly maintains his client did nothing wrong in the case of Helena Rose Kolitwenzew, the 8-year-old girl who died Oct. 21 from insulin shock.

If she did, in fact, die from insulin shock  I personally don't believe there is a case.  (I, however, also don't believe she died of insulin shock!!!!!!!)

What I find even more shocking is how few people seemed to notice the inconsistency in the article itself.

Is anyone else disturbed with the apparent error in the content of the article?

Jim S.
email @ redacted