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[IP] new pump

I tend to agree with what you are saying.  I have been pumping for only about a
week and have found my life has become incredibly complicated since the process
began.  I was diagnosed in November 1964, so I have been taking a daily shot in
excess of 35
years.  I went on two shots per day about a year ago and four shots about two
or three months back.  The inconvenience of multiple shots is the thing that
made me consider a pump.  I felt that it had to make the process easier.  I
quickly found out how wrong this assumption was.  The second day after the pump
was in place I was playing golf and the cannula came out with no warning.  By
the time I got home, my blood sugar had ballooned to  somewhere in excess of
600.  This all happened in about three hours' time.  Since this experience, I
have finally developed some confidence that I can keep the cannula in place
through the use of Compound of  Benzine Tincture prior to applying the tape.  I
have still not decided if we are better off than in the days when we used the
old glass syringe and metal syringe and boiled them each day for
sterilization.  I do know that things have become infinitely more complicated.

our 11 yo son went on the pump in april 99. never did we imagine how steep and long was the learning curve. I made evry mistake possible and we have experienced numerous problems that with trial and errror as well as input from more experienced pumpers we have resolved. The good news is the pump provides for tremendous flexibility that shots really don't allow. This is especially true in growing, active kids.
Please hang in there. Ultimately the pump IS THE WAY TO GO.
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