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[IP] that bubble at the QR?!

Hi all,
    Usually, I have no problems.  But every once in awhile, I get a stupid
bubble when I'm chaning my reservoir and priming...  Usually right at the
Qucik Release, or at least gets stuck there.  I make sure my Insulin is at
room temperature first and follow all the proper instructions.  What I
REALLY can't figure out is why the bubble won't get pushed out!?!  I just
changed my site 2 hours ago and had this problem today.  THere was a bubble
about 1 cm long at QR- I ended up pushing (manually) 100 units of Insulin
through in the process!!!  WASTED!!  THe bubble would seem to go along, but
then as soon as I stop pushing, there it shows up again, right at the
entrance to the Quick Release!  I tried everything, like disconnecting at
the QR and pushing/priming a that point- Insulin shooting out the end.
Nope, still there.  So anyone know how Insulin can be priming/shooting out
the needle, yet the bubble remains?????  Total priming today, I used 120
units, which will greatly reduce how long this site will last for one thing,
not to mention the waste.

in exasperation- Brian

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