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[IP] Question Re:basal rate/boluses

Recently because of high bloodsugars I have changed my basals from .6 
12AM-5AM, .7 5AM-12AM to .8 -24 HRS.  When I first started pumping I had my 
basals set and had a 1:15 ratio for carbo.  Now with my most previous basals 
and my current of .8 I am finding I stay pretty close in a range of 90-150 
without bolusing for meals/snacks.  If I bolus, I go low with even a small 
bolus.  If I get into the 200+ range a bolus of .2 brings me down to around 
140.  Has anyone else had this experience?  If I lower my basal rate my 
sugars go up and with them in a good range(120-150) I don't dare bolus or I 
go low.  Last year I lost some weight (10 lbs) due to illness and this is 
when this whole phenomenon started happening.  Just wondered if anyone else 
has had the same or similar experience. I have never heard of this before.

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