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Re: [IP] That's how I feel...

    Sounds like you had a frustrating night.  I did too.  It was my own
fault, but I thought I was anticipating it properly- oops.  I went to a
b-day party where there was tons of junkfood.  I was 179 going into it so I
bolused 1.5 u.  I atet a brownie and some chips and realized there was
sandwhich food, so I bolused my dinner 6.0u and ate a sandwhich.  Couple
hours later, I checked and bg was 209- high, but easily correctible and not
too bad considering the junkfood.  So I bolused 2.0u to correct it (9:55
pm).  At 10:13p.m. I bolused 2.0u more because I wanted to make a toast with
everyone with sparkling cider, at at that point, I thought if it brings it
too low, that's ok because I can easily correct it with all the junkfood
around.  NOPE.  At 12:43am, it was 329!  I bolused 4.5u, checked tubing and
site and went to bed.  (forgot to check for ketones, oops!)  Woke up at
1:45am, bg was 201, took only 1.5u because I was worried it would come
crashing down from some of the Insulin taken before.  At 7:30am, bg was 225,
and I took a full 2.5u.  At 10:30am, time for breakfast, bg was 179 and I
took 1.5u to bring it down; and then my breakfast bolus of 6.0 u.  Gaawd,
what a pain!  I don't understand why I had to take so much extra!?!  But my
point is that I DO UNDERSTAND your frustrations and tribulations with bg.
All I can say, is at least we have the pump now! :)  Today, I'm continuing
to monitor.  Somedays, things go pretty smoothly.  Other times, not so much.
I knew I ate too much junkfood last night- but it's so hard to know, because
sometimes I eat like that and have no problems with bg by checking and
taking appropriate insulin for it.  Never know.  Good luck to you and take
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