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Re: [IP] A Poll -- 3am check on kids- Will

>  Since this experience, I
>have finally developed some confidence that I can keep the cannula in place
>through the use of Compound of  Benzine Tincture prior to applying the 
>tape.  I
>have still not decided if we are better off than in the days when we used the
>old glass syringe and metal syringe and boiled them each day for
>sterilization.  I do know that things have become infinitely more complicated.


Please do not get me wrong, I believe in Pump Therapy 100%.  It definitely 
takes some fine tuning and at least a month to get boluss' and basels 
figured out.  With the help of this list, a good book ( Pumping Insulin ), 
and a good CDE I believe the pump can take a lot of stress out of 
diabetes.  I wouldn't give my pump up for anything.  My confusion (maybe 
not the right word ) was with these, in my opinion, parents waking up every 
night etc. compared to what my parents did due to what was available to 
them, while I was growing up.  It is difficult for me to express what my 
true intent in is in words, so please, please keep trying with the 
pump.  Just remember it takes a lot of work at first but in time the pump 
truly makes life easier, well I think so.  I think Renee did an excellent 
job of addressing my "questions".

I have had no problems with the site coming out.  I sweat like a pig too. 
Or, I guess I should say, since I am female, that I perspire like a 
pig.  <VBG>.  I use IV Preps and that sucker ( site ) stays in place at all 
times.  I've even dropped my pump and where you disconnect, disconnected 
and my site stayed intact.  I even get my tubing stuck on things and I feel 
a tug but that site stays.  Maybe you need to try something else.  I am 
also certain many members on this great list will provide you with other 
suggestions as well.

Good Luck and keep Pumping,

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