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Re: [IP] Re; tragedy

At 01:31 PM 1/23/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >This could fall into the category that says anyone can sue anyone for
 >anything, but the proof is in the evidence. There is also the tenet that
 >"ignorance is no excuse."  Just who is liable for the death of the child 
 >have to be determined by the evidence. Everyone involved should be
 >investigated to determine the truth of who is responsible.

Actually, there have been some recent cases in my State where parents who 
have used faith healing instead of medical treatment have been convicted of 
child neglect and/or child endangerment. I think that this may be similar, 
although all we know about the story is what the paper said and that is not 
legal evidence, of course. I personally believe that parents that refuse or 
withhold standard, readily available medical treatment for their children 
should be held liable. Adults can make their own decisions, children cannot.


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