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[IP] Testing at 3am and compliance

For me, things are different because I was older when I was dx (16) and was
pretty much always the sole person in charge or responsible for myself.  In
the hospital they did 3 am  checks on me, then the first month I was at
home I did it as well.  After my ped. told me I could stop, that was the
end of that.  Then slightly before my 6 month ann. of dx, my uncle died of
a low in his sleep.  For several months (at least 3 or 4), alarm clock or
not, I would wake up at 3 am to check.  This slowly stopped again.  I
sometimes wake up when I'm low in my sleep, sometimes I don't.  However if
I don't, the "only" reprecussion for me is I wake up in the upper 200's or
300's and feel like crap.  My 2nd roommate when we shared a room, would
wake up every time I was low.  Even if she was sleeping herself.  She never
could figure out why, but she just knew I was "sleeping weird".  I don't
think I set an alarm clock to wake up at 3 am at all the 6 months we shared
a room.  When I first started pumping, I woke up EVERY day at 3 am to
check, for probably the first 6 months.  My CDE questioned it after the
first 6 weeks to why I was doing it, but said if it made me feel better,
that is fine.  Now, I try to do it once a week or so.  I'm sure I'll cycle
back again.

For the past two years I have been very good about checking my blood
glucose as much as I should (I won't go into before that).  For about the
first 8 months I was pumping (and for 5-6 months before that), I was
extremely good about logging everything.  A few months ago, I just stopped
out of the blue.  Once a week I download my meter, but other than that, I
don't log much.  I got a lecture about this at my last appointment.  And I
told him that I don't really care to log more.  It isn't worth it to me at
this point.  I know I could have better numbers, but I'm not sure if it is
worth it.  I would like a better A1c, but I'm fairly content with 7.4.  I
test my blood glucose as much (and even more) than my endo recommends.  I
take care of my pump, and its sites.  I make sure I have enough insulin,
test strips, sets, resivours, batteries, exc.  And I have a life.  Right
now, I just can't find the motivation/desire for more detailed records.
However, I still think I'm doing fine.  I love my pump (relatively, I would
be the happiest person in the world if I no longer needed it).

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