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Re: [IP] Amount of prime?

At 03:12 PM 1/23/2000  Jeff Bartik wrote:
 >I use a MM507c and I was taught by the CDE to prime 3 times. The first is a
 >manual prime which takes approx 20 units. My second prime is 5.0 units and
 >my third is a 0.5 prime.

You are right, of course. The problem is semantics... the word "prime" is 
used for 3 totally different parts of the system. The part I was referring 
to was priming the tubing. The other two parts that you refer to are 
priming the pump and finally priming the set. I wish there were other terms 
so that this wouldn't get so confusing.

As far as priming the pump, for me it usually only takes 4.0 units to get 
the drops to appear at the set connector. I think it depends on your 
technique and how you load the reservoir in. Using 5 units is obviously 
pretty safe... but, in any case, I always make sure that it is freely 
pushing the insulin out before I finish this step. The set prime should be 
what your particular set recommends. I use the Silhouette and it is 
0.8units. Check with your set insert to see what the correct amount is for 
what you use.


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