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[IP] Complacency and number question

email @ redacted wrote:

> 5. I was beginning to accept any # below 200 as control.  After all the 500s
> or 30s we saw on that meter.  After realizing this pattern of thought
> (Complacent w/o Control) - I became very upset w/ myself. Because Kap
> deserved better control.

I find myself falling into that same trap. I call it "numbers creep". I
have to discipline myself tightly and respond to what seem to be small

I had a very hard time coming up with numbers for the upper and lower
limits of good control. Neither the docs nor the CDE's were willing to
tell me what they were, so I defined them for myself, and I still
periodically feel unsure as to whether I've set them appropriately. 

At any rate, I want my BGs between 70 and 200 at all times; below 120
fasting or before meals. This doesn't mean I'm always there, and it
doesn't mean I go nuts with guilt when I fall outside those numbers --
it just means that I consider this to be a reasonable and achievable

So, IPers, what are YOUR goals?
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