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Re: [IP] about A1C's

Brian D. Baggaley wrote:

>     I'm wondering- What is a non-diabetic's A1C?  My goal has always been in
> the 7's, which all the endos I've seen throughout my 16 years of Diabetes
> have said is accurate for me.  I was in the upper 6's when I was little and
> having seizures.  Many of you on this list have A1C's in the low 6's and
> 5's, so I'm just wondering what a non-Diabetics A1C would be?

By definition, a non-diabetic's A1c would fall within lab normal,
whatever that is for your specific lab. 

I'm a little suspicious of those statistics, because I wonder how many
undiagnosed Type 2's are included in the "normal" population! But that
depends on the definition of Type 2!

At my lab, normal is defined as between 4 and 6%. Type 1's are
encouraged to keep theirs a little above the top cut-off for fear of

Otherwise, the closer to normal, the better, but obviously, YMMV! Some
people just naturally have lower A1c's than others, and with less
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