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Yes it was a tragegy!

My 2cents worth.
1. Mom in denial - acceptance is a large part of diabetes for Moms - with a 
young child - 
2. Education - I was educated  b4 Kap was dxd - then I rec'd cold hard facts. 
 Easier said than done w/ Diabetes and control.  Diabetes doesnt go away.
3.  From my understand - the quack had to been the 2nd opinion. Afterall - 
she was on insulin - but was taken off.
4.  What I would give for someone to tell me Kap doesnt have Diabetes.  
With pumping - it is close to normal as he will get to date.
5. I was beginning to accept any # below 200 as control.  After all the 500s 
or 30s we saw on that meter.  After realizing this pattern of thought 
(Complacent w/o Control) - I became very upset w/ myself. Because Kap 
deserved better control.
Reading the DCCT study was the best thing I did as a mom for Kap.  Those 
stats stayed w/ me.  And pushed me for better control for him.

Thanks for Listening!
Darlene - No Longer Complacent 
Mom to Kap - age 9 pumping 

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