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[IP] Re: 3AM bg checks, priming, Stevia

Thanks everyone for your responses about the 3AM bg checks. I
don't mind doing them either since I have to be up anyway
(urologist wants me up several times a night drinking water and
going to the bathroom to avoid making more kidney stones.) So
it's really moot for us to eventually aim for no 3AM bg. Besides,
I'm not to the point where I'm comfortable NOT doing them
routinely and the endo said we won't do anything I'm
uncomfortable with (smart man!) There are many nights where I do
several bg checks during the night because of a high bg
correction, site change (done a few of those), etc. It's all just
part of the package. :) 

As for priming new tubing sets, I prime the way the D manual
describes but I stop it as soon as I see insulin appear at the
tip of the connector needle. Not sure how much I end up using to
get to that point (will look next time) but I know it's not the
full amount (20 units for the D pump.) I always bolus 1 unit to
fill the Tenders cannula (.5 just doesn't seem like enough to
fill it.) Haven't had any problems yet with high numbers due to a
set change. 

Someone asked about Stevia (it is an herb, by the way)...it is
something like a hundred times sweeter than sugar so you only
need a tiny amount of it. You can cook with it and use it just
like sugar (there are even recipe books for it.) It has no effect
on blood sugar as it is not a sugar, it is just sweet. It is
somewhat costly (here in small-town WA state it is about $8/lb)
but you need so very little that a pound or even a half pound
would last quite a while. You can get it in powder or tincture
(liquid) form. I haven't heard of any side effects associated
with it and it is considered safe in the herb world. As with any
herb, it is not FDA approved and likely never will be. Hope this

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
"Cultivate peace at home." Petalesharo, Pawnee (Indian)
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