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[IP] Re: Pregnancy and Diabetes

Hi Kerri,

I have been T1 for 23 years and on a pump almost 2 years.  I have a 7 year
old daughter who weighed 6 lb. 15 oz. at birth and was born 5 days early,
though completely on her own.  I also have a 4 year old son who weighed 8
lbs. 5 oz. at birth and he was born 20 days early!  Anyway, I had both
children with out the help of a pump I was on MDI.  I did, however, go to an
endo prior to getting pregnant with either of them and got my A1C's down
where they wanted them so that when I got pregnant there was less of a
chance of harm to either the baby or me.  Both of my pregnancys went very
well.  I went into labor on my own both times within 24 hours of the OB
telling me he wanted to go ahead and schedule the date for me to be induced.
Maybe my body just decided to show them it wouldn't be necessary!  Anyway
there is no reason your daughter will not be able to have perfectly healthy
pregnancys when she is ready as long as she prepares before she gets
pregnant and being on the pump she probably will be ready a lot easier then
I was on MDI.  Hope this helps.

Take care.


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