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[IP] re: 3 am checks, Fran and Renee

I'm not sure if Teresa meant me or not "why check if
the #s are great?" but for at least the past 3 months,
they have not been consistently great. On the whole,
at exactly 3am for the past 7 nights, they have been
great, but I've had a lot of 30s and 350s thrown in
between 11pm and 10am, but not "at" 3am. We keep
checking b/c we're never sure.
 As for Renee...I think you're totally right (I love
reading your posts:-) I think my parents check me for
peace of mind, they didn't used to, when I was on
shots until November 1996 (so that was 7 years about)
they would check if bg was questionable, if I'd had an
extremely active day, or if we were changing insulin
doses or some other reason to make them think they
needed to check. Then in November of 96, I went to bed
with a bg over 150. So they didn't check. I was in 8th
grade, woke up with the worse headache I'd ever had,
and then started vomiting for no reason. My bg at the
time--82. Oh, and I was paralyzed on my left side (i
will NEVER forget the how you feel when you can't even
put your own socks on). They never gave a diagnosis
for that whole event..although they did a spinal tap,
ct scan and mri in the hospital, but we did discuss it
with my endo, and it's not all that rare, and was most
likely a very bad low and the 82 was a rebound from
it. So after that, I think my parents felt maybe not
"guilty" but obligated to check in order to prevent
that scary occurence from happening again. So yes,
after that they checked nonstop. One reason we wanted
the pump..so my mom could get more sleep. I got my
pump in June 1999, and I think my mom has gotten 4
nights of full sleep since then, and then 7 when my
dad did the checks b/c she was out of the country
(mind you, she was probbaly worried even in england
b/c that was when i landed in hospital earlier this
month--I HAVE found, even when I tell her not to
check, and she does, most often I am low and need
something...but now with the pump I have started
seeing night time highs as well...so yes, this past
week has been great except for one night, but that is
so rare, and again, nothing is consistent. I think
when I was younger I'd actually wake her up and tell
her I was 31 before I went to bed, so be careful and
expect a low but since getting the pump I don't.
(probably my age too:-) I DID tell her 2 nights ago to
expect a low at 3am b/c I'd been nauseous all night,
had pepto bismol, and couldn't raise my bg---anytime i
have pepto bismol my body doesn't absorb the food, so
that makes for a bad combination, especially if I
start out low. However, by the time she did check me I
was not low, so cool beans. It's a safety issue I
think, once you learn the hard way you learn not to
chance it, I used to think my parents were paranoid,
but that incident in 1996 scared me enough to, that
I'd rather be safe than sorry.
 Fran--when I leave home, I am NOT planning on
checking myself every night. My endo told me once that
college kids frequently pig out before bed just to
prevent lows, that and they go to bed so late anyway.
(I have heard of diabetics eating a lot b4 bed JUST to
prevent lows, and on shots I had to do that, but now I
see highs and lows, so I doubt I would do this). My
chemistry teacher last year had had a diabetic
roommate in college and told me that many times he
would have to force oj down his roommate's mouth
because of a low, and I think that happens a lot in
college from what I've heard, and that I should just
hope I end up getting a great roommate...no promises,
but I hope I do. Rather, I hope I don't need a great
roommate and I don't need to have food forced down but
you never know. I NEVER wake up like Renee's daughter
when I'm low. If I'm low when I first hit the sack,
I'll feel it in some way and check, but if I go low
during sleep I am clueless to it. Rather, I sleep more
soundly, and frequently if I'm low my mom has trouble
rousing me even to feed me, so that would be a problem
in college. If I haven't ever woken yet in 11yrs
myself at 3am feeling lows, not sure how that will
change. I know that I would be 100% more likely to
sleep through an alarm at 3am if I was low, and that
would be a problem. I figure I'd set the alarm if I
need to check at 3am, when I'm living on my own. I
think I'm going to "try this out" this summer, b/c
it's looking like I may have made it into a program
where I get to spend a month at college in a
mentorship this summer (I'm not sure yet, but I am
seriously keeping my fingers crossed:-) and if I do
make it, I Will have to learn this summer, I figure
I'll have no other choice, I'm not not going to go b/c
I may have lows at night, and I'll just learn how to
deal with checks then and there. I will have a
roommate in the program also and I'll be sure they
know I have diabetes (and the RA know about glucagon)
but I am not planning on asking them to wake me up at
3am. I'll ask them to be forgiving about the alarm
clock at 3am going off though:-) (but i may still be
awake then:-)
 Anyhow, I think it depends on the situation. I'm
hoping to learn to check myself when I am forced into
the situation this summer, I'll let you know how it
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