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[IP] pumping in ohio


funny you should bring up ohio...
my husband's co. is headquartered in miamisburg,  outside of dayton.  we are
presently in the SF bay area but he just got a promotion which more than
likely will put us in ohio.  don't know exactly where yet...but someplace
within commute  of dayton.  (I am leaning toward lebanon, based on my
brother's suggestion, who lives in cinci.)

anyway...this will all probably happen within the next six months.  geneva
will be needing an endo team and I presume we will have to travel to either
cinci. or dayton for the best care.

anybody have a good pediatric endo in either of those cities?

ruth and geneva...
who are NOT looking forward to icy winters!

>Most pumpers I've seen mention Ohio seem to be from the
> Columbus/Cinci area or farther North, around the Lake.  I would love to
> up with other folks "close to home!"

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