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Re: [IP] ketones with good numbers

email @ redacted wrote:
> I'm curious, Do non-diabetics produce ketones when they are sick?  The
> "plague" version of the flu (a.k.a. the "head-rot") that has gone around has
> already made its visit here, so I can't check (I WILL check for ketones next
> time I am sick like that)  If we (non-diabetics that is ) DO produce
> ketones, then it would seem to be a natural reaction, and not the result of
> poor control.  Anyone out there with a sick non-diabetic interested in
> testing for ketones?

Hi, Ken,

I would tend to doubt that non-diabetics produce ketones due to illness,
because non-diabetics have a great deal of pancreatic reserve, and their
bodies can crank out the amount of insulin needed to cover whatever the
illness is doing to them. 

Sometimes, when EXTREMELY ill, a non-diabetic's BGs will be somewhat
elevated -- when my mother had life-threatening pneumonia, her BG upon
admittance into the hospital was 148. Compare that to what Sammi's BGs
might be!

Non-diabetics DO produce ketones in response to starvation, when all
glycogen stores are depleted, and the body turns to burning fat. If
you're so ill that you haven't eaten in a long time, you may see
ketones, but that would be because of not eating, rather than the
illness itself. 

Type 2's in Hyperosmolar Coma will produce ketones; that's because their
BG has gone VERY high (in the 1000 - 1500 range), and their pancreases
have shut down because of glucotoxicity. They still don't show ketone
levels comparable to Type 1's.  Under ordinary "sick day" conditions,
they don't usually have ketones, unless their diabetes is very advanced
and they have very little pancreatic function left. 

But still, it would be interesting for you to do ketone testing next
time you're sick -- nothing like a little experimental validation!

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