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Re: [IP] Amount of prime? - Sammi

In a message dated 1/23/00 11:30:51 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  Prime until you see a drop of insulin coming out of the

end of the new infusion set!  Then, when you actually connect the tubing

INTO the tube in your skin, THEN put in .5 more ( yup - POINT FIVE) more. >>

OK, maybe everyone understands this and I am just restating, but with a 
Minimed pump there are 3 steps that are all (at least sometimes) called 

1) when you attach the tubing to the reservoir, you "prime" by pushing the 
plunger of the reservoir until insulin comes out the end of the tubing, 
either through a needle or at a disconnect (and in this stage it is good to 
check for bubbles in the tubing because it is such an easy time to prime them 
out).  This step is to fill the tubing.

2) after you position the cartridge in the pump, you "prime" by setting 5.0 
units on your prime bolus screen, and again look for insulin to come out.  
This step is to assure that the mechanics are in sync to start pumping.  I 
usually suspend when I see insulin, and seldom need the whole 5 units

3) If you are using an infusion set with a teflon canula where you remove the 
metal needle, after your set and infusion set are attached to you, you 
"prime" on the prime bolus screen the amount to fill the canula, which is 
usually considered to be 0.5 unit for a softset and 0.5-1.0 unit for a 
silhouette.  I find 1.0 unit works best for me for a silhouette, though I 
have read in previous posts that actual volume is closer to 0.75.   (if you 
are attaching to an already-in-use infusion site for which  you had already 
primed the cannula, skip this step)

I also leave the old set on for a couple hours (though it is odd sometimes to 
find those little suckers in your pocket later -- and I very occasionally do 
get bleeding when I pull it out, so I try to be prepared)

Linda Z
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