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[IP] Thinking about quitting the pump

This is our first post to the site, so we hope it works OK.  (Jan, we will use spell check!) Anyway, we were out shopping yesterday and were looking in the "young sophisticates" section at Hecht's (a local department store, similar to Macy's).  We were amazed to see what we immediately dubbed "insulin pumper" clothing!  It is probably more a reflection of the need to have someplace to put pagers/cell phones. Apparently Ralph Lauren thinks pockets are "cool"- they're all over every piece of his new line.  We immediately thought of the teen who was feeling self conscious about her pump - she should check out the Ralph Lauren section in her local stores- pockets are "in".  One pair of Khaki's had a mini apron with 3 pockets, one shirt had pockets on the arm, we even saw a skirt/skort with a little bag (big enough for a pump) clipped to it.
All the fashion stuff aside, our pop-psychoanalysis is that there may be other reasons she wants to quit the pump. We think you have gotten a lot of help from this site on that score.
Mike will be getting a pump soon - his insurance will cover the pump, but not the education.  We're still up in the air as to which pump to go with.  The D's big attraction is that it's waterproof - we're frequent sailors & swimmers, and I just can't see Mike taking the time to put the MM in the case.  At the same time, the Square Wave feature on the MM seems like a good feature.  I've also picked up on some subtle commentary about "looks"- is one pump more attractive (from a guy's point of view)? 
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