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[IP] RE: Stevia and TRAGEDY

email @ redacted asked:
> Just curious if anyone has heard of this plant before? It is a natural
> sweetener, and the leaves taste really sweet. It is supposedly great for
> cooking, but I am curious as to what effect it would have on BG's.

I've used it occasionally.  I don't really like it, though -- I'd rather use
Sweet N Low, or real sugar and cover it :-)

I found it had a funny aftertaste (yes, even compared to saccharine ;-)
Could just be me, though.

...and email @ redacted wrote:
> The mother should be investigated also!

I'm not so sure about this.  The mother certainly should have gotten a
second opinion, and I'm sure she's beating herself over the head about this.
But I think losing her child is probably punishment enough -- she's going to
have to live with the knowledge that her misguided trust lead to the poor
girl's death.

I'll be interested to see what the dear old "Dr" has to say about all this.

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