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Re: [IP] A Poll -- 3am check on kids

     I thin this whole issue falls somewhere between "ignorance is bliss" and 
"a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"! For a parent whose child sleeps 
right through dangerous lows and/or has ever had a seizure, that compelling 
need to check at 3 am cannot be dismissed. For me fortunately, that isn't the 
case with Melissa, so she checks if she awakens for any reason & I awaken to 
check her if we're doing an overnight basal fast. Otherwise, she has 
historically awakened when low, so we do not do 3 am checks.
    Another mom, whose 18 yr old daughter (dx'd at 2) was extremely athletic 
& suffered extreme lows, awakened every night at 3 am to check her daughter. 
That daughter is now a freshman at Stanford 3000 miles away! When I asked the 
mom how she's coping with that adjustment, she laughed & said her daughter's 
roommate is Hindu & awakens at 3 am to pray each night, so her daughter 
awakens too & checks her bgs!
    I know it sounds onerous to do this on a regular basis, but I've learned 
not to judge another parent's routine, because every child's diabetes is 
different. What works perfectly for my daughter may be completely different 
from another child, and the same holds true for the parent's "coping 
   So please don't hesitate to recommend pumps for young children, just 
because of this "thread". The assumption is that the 3 am checks will 
diminish in frequency for most families, as both they and the child feel more 
confident with pump therapy. However, the "delayed bg effect" of very 
athletic kids remains a powerful concern, and may "skew" the statistics on 
this "poll".

Regards, Renee
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