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[IP] That's How I Feel...

Yes, I did do that. I have written step by step
instructions that I follow so I don't forget. I did
goof one day last week when I did the .5 prime before
removing the needle. I primed it twice that time and
went low. 

I thought I might be getting sick, however; my bg's
went back to normal for a portion of each day. Anytime
I was sick while on IM I stayed high until I was well.
Maybe this pump stuff is different.

Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 02:58:31 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] That's How I Feel...

Hi David ~ 

After you put the reservoir into your pump, are you
giving it a 5.0
(more or less) so that the driver arms on the lead
screw are firmly
the plunger and making the insulin drip from the
tubing connector 
needle(SIL), or needle (Soft-Set)?  Then, are you
doing the proper
prime to 
fill the cannula after insertion? 

I'm guilty of both tricks is why I'm asking...;-)

Also, by chance do you think you may be coming down
with Mr. Influenza?

Hang in there! 

Hugs, Joanne Mc - Who will be pumping one year come
Valentine's Day...

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