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Re: [IP] emergency insulin in tubing

When I fill my cartridge I use the old style of filling aid and pull the 
plunger all the way back till it stops, right at the edge of the glass 
cartridge. Sometimes when I get my 01 alarm I notice that there is 
still insulin remaining, I do a cartridge amount "reset" and continue 
pumping until there is an 04 Occlusion alarm.  The 01 means you 
have pumped 315ml since the last reset, not that there isn't any 
insulin left.  YVMV  


On 23 Jan 00, at 9:13, email @ redacted wrote:

> while we were eating my D pump ran out of insulin.  My first thought was
> to leave but we hadn't had birthday cake yet (boo hoo).  Then I
> remembered that someone once told me that they always let their pump run
> out and then would pull the plunger back and use the insulin in the
> tubing so it will not go to waste.  SO I disconnected the tubing from
> the cartridge and took a fork (with long prongs thank goodness), put one
> prong inside the cartridge and pulled it back about half way. 
> Reconnected, ate birthday cake and had a good time.   So when in a pinch
> use whatever you have available. Gina dx 33yrs ago  pumpin' 3.5 yrs

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