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[IP] re: a poll

>I'm just curious if any of you routinely do a 3AM bg check or did
>you stop doing them at some point & why.
I started pumping in december, and did 3 am checks for the first week, now
i just do them once a week to make sure they are "ok." i think even when
i've been pumping even longer I will still do occassional night checks
because you never know when the routine could change...
Erinn (DMI 15 Years, Pumping 1 month, 3 days)

>My 9yo daughter has been pumping since 11/30/99 and we are still
>doing them routinely although I know our (dr's and our) goal is
>to eliminate it eventually (I guess when her middle of the night
>bg's remain stable consistently?) I know this is probably one of
>those YMMV things but I was curious anyway (as is another new
>pumper-mom friend of mine here in town.)
>Thanks! I always learn so much from you all! :)
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>Take care, Kerri 
>Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
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