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[IP] 3 am check

We have been pumping for 8 months now, and havent slept the night yet! some 
nights it is 1am, 3am and 5 am. We have been working with the endo to fix 
this, but it seems like something always happens and we end up checking. He 
has great #'s all day, but from 11pm-3am he tends to drop. We have lowered 
the basals now from .5 down to .2 &.3 alternating! Very frustrating...  for 
instance, he went to bed with a 120 and that was wonderful for him...at 12 
midnight we checked before we went to bed and it was 74! He had a juice, and 
we turned off for a 1/2 hour  and re checked him at 12:30(109) and 3am (125) 
and he woke up at 100.  We have even tried a freebie snack at bedtime...like 
apple, peanuts, peanut butter crackers....and we still hassle during the 

I'm looking forward to a good nights rest! On weekends, I sleep in or take a 
NAP! :) I just cant see HOW we could sleep the night at this point.

Mom of kevin, dx 12/98
pumping 8 months
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