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Re: [IP] ketones with good numbers

>I know that personally when I do not eat for an extended period of time, I
>sometimes develop ketones.  Recently, I had the start of a bug, and though
>was eating, I had had an extremely high bg with ketone symptoms. I changed
>set, yet the ketones continued off and on.  I believe that part of it may
>have been the "bug," but also strongly believe that because I had had
>, and was not eating any more than I usually did, I did not have enough
>insulin in my body (which I would have gotten by eating extra carbs and
>covering with insulin) to bring the ketones down fully.  Basically, I only
>had a baseline amount of insulin, which ordinarily is ok, but to my
>understanding will not aid in bringing ketones down.  Because I had ketones
>and was not eating any more than I usually did and was not taking extra
>insulin, they kept reappearing.


Ken here (Sammi's Husband),

I'm curious, Do non-diabetics produce ketones when they are sick?  The
"plague" version of the flu (a.k.a. the "head-rot") that has gone around has
already made its visit here, so I can't check (I WILL check for ketones next
time I am sick like that)  If we (non-diabetics that is ) DO produce
ketones, then it would seem to be a natural reaction, and not the result of
poor control.  Anyone out there with a sick non-diabetic interested in
testing for ketones?


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