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[IP] Re: You do the calculations on how much time it takes just simply deleting all your email

Or, just use the method I do.  I choose the last option, (don't remember
what it was called, Sam can tell you, he helped me set this up this way).
This way, I don't get any emails to my account (unless they're sent directly
to me) and I access all the postings from the website.  Using Outlook
Express I can reply to any postings my clicking the Insulin Pumpers address
at the top of each posting, a window pops up for my reply and I send it this
way.  It works so much better for me, since I can leisurely scan the
postings and read the ones I choose without having a million messages in my
email account everyday.  I really like this method.

Type 1 for 37 years

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