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[IP] ketones with good numbers

Hi - I know you posted a couple days ago, but... I just came upon the post. 
It is hard to pinpoint the cause of the ketones, but ... my thought is as 
I know that personally when I do not eat for an extended period of time, I do 
sometimes develop ketones.  Recently, I had the start of a bug, and though I 
was eating, I had had an extremely high bg with ketone symptoms. I changed my 
set, yet the ketones continued off and on.  I believe that part of it may 
have been the "bug," but also strongly believe that because I had had ketones 
, and was not eating any more than I usually did, I did not have enough 
insulin in my body (which I would have gotten by eating extra carbs and 
covering with insulin) to bring the ketones down fully.  Basically, I only 
had a baseline amount of insulin, which ordinarily is ok, but to my 
understanding will not aid in bringing ketones down.  Because I had ketones 
and was not eating any more than I usually did and was not taking extra 
insulin, they kept reappearing.  It is a bit complicated to put into writing, 
but... I hope this gives you another possible perspective.  Feel free to 
email me with questions.
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