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Re: [IP] replacements

Tia -

You must have missed all my frustrated calls with MM and my e-mails to this
Because on my new MM (MiniMed) 507C, the screens flashed by too quickly, I
returned my new pump to MM on 15 Sept 99.  They got it 28 Sept.  They said
it would take 12 weeks to repair and return to me, but "don't worry" we'll
send you a replacement to use while we're working on your pump.  Well, they
sent 5 replacements in that time-frame, and all failed.  The weekend Number
3 failed, I got out of my car after arriving home on Friday night.  As I got
out of the car, I could hear beeping.  I rushed into the house and took off
my coat, and sure enough, substitute pump #3 was beeping like crazy.  After
I called MM, and they said they'd send another substitute pump, I took it
out - not working, after all - and put it on the kitchen counter in front of
the microwave.  Also took the batteries out - had just replaced them,
afteerall.  Sunday afternoon, opened the microwave to heat up lunch, which
the door knocked the pump on the floor.  On a hunch, put batteries back in,
and started it up.  Ran fine all weekend, so continued using it.  it did not
fail again.

BUT!  Because 5 failed, I also didn't want a MM substitute - I wanted my own
pump back, which I got 15 weeks from the date I mailed it in.  Happily, it's
working fine!  But as each substitute pump worked less than 1 month before
quitting, I did not want a substitute!  Your experience may vary, but that's
my story.  Good luck with your pump!!


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