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[IP] air bubble/highsugars- kinda long sorry :o)

Woke up this a.m. @ the crack of dawn(dont know why so early it is my only 
day off) so i tested my sugar because I was nauesous it was 289! (unusual for 
me) When I inspected the tubing there were several air bubbles, not large 
ones but there was one by the quick release and the tubing that hangs off of 
me from cannula down was a fairly large airbubble. I disconnected  to prime 
out bubble by quick-release. it barely moved. So I opened up pump to manually 
push it out, when i let go of plunger the bubble came back? What do you do to 
get the bubble out of the tubing thats in you? Wondering if there is a trick? 
I bolus to lower my 289 but probably got no insulin. So I decided to change 
My next question is this my basals from 3am-9am was .7 but I was waking up at 
6am to 60's and 70's. So last night I tried .6 and I wake up to 289?? Big 
difference for a small change in basals. Was it a possible clog/bubble that 
raised my sugar so much or do I need to go back to .7? Quite confused!!?? The 
.7 basal I did for 4 days and every a.m. I woke up low that is why I changed 
it to .6. But also last night before bed my sugar was 70 so i had 1 glucose 
tablet and 1 plain graham cracker, did I eat too much?  Thank you everyone!!! 
         Leesa   email @ redacted
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