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[IP] Prozac - attn. Jean

>I have been off and on antidepressants for the past 7 yrs.  I stopped
>them because I couldn't tell if the "highs & lows" of my bgs were causing
>depression.  I had not
>heard any thing about a newer version of Prozac. (It worked the best for me
>of all the antidepressants)
>The weight thing is important.  I have just gotten my weight down to where
>feel comfortable.  Any input would be appreciated.


I've been on Prozac for the past seven months...I'm assuming mine would be
the "newer version", unless a newer one has just come out in that time that
I'm unaware of.  I know that YMMV, but it did not cause any weight-gain
here.  I had (& still have) trouble figuring out whether the highs & lows
were causing the depression or whether the mood swings were
causing/contributing toward the highs & lows...either way, between the
Prozac & the pump (started them within a month of each other), I seem to be
off the rollercoaster, & I'm grateful for both of the "medical miracles"
that have helped me get my feet back on the ground.  No, it's not always
perfectly smooth sailing (some days, not by a long shot! <g>), but I no
longer feel helpless as far as being able to do anything about it.  Thank
you Disetronic, thank you Prozac, & thank you IP list!!!  (Note:  this
message is NOT a paid advertizement or under corporate sponsorship of any of
the forementioned...just an outburst of spontanious joy & appreciation from
one VERY happy pumper!!)


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