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Re: [IP] Amount of prime?

>I probably also prime with 5 units, but being stubborn about "wasting"
>insulin, I do it in increments of 2.5, but usually have to put in almost
>that exact amount.  So I prime "about" 5 too.  In the early days of
>I think I misunderstood  my CDE and only primed .5 (yup, you read it
right -
>point 5!).  My blood sugars were also always high that first day.  Finally,
>occurred to me to prime more, (I had been leaving out one step), and now -
>finally - have it right.
>I would have to agree with the rest - if your bg is only high that first
>day, than ARE you priming enough?

Jane & others on this thread,

Help!  I am SO confused...I think in reading this I've missed something
somewhere along the way.  (Wouldn't be the first time! <g>)  Is the "about
5" in reference to priming tubing or canula?  Are you using sets with
extremely short tubing or very long canulas?  I'm using 43" Tenders ...I
LOVE the length as far as giving me options for where/how to wear it, & for
being able to lay it on the floor at my feet if need be while changing or
trying on clothing - my mom's a seamstress & I am frequently the "demo
dummy" who gets put in the clothing she's working on!  I prime close to 20
units for tubing, & then an additional .5 once hooked up to fill the canula.
I have used shorter line Rapids on occasion, but it still took more than 5
units to fill the tubing.

I guess part of my question is, how can you NOT tell if you are priming
enough?  In the sets I've used, you can see the insulin as it enters the
tubing & follow it as it travels, then stop when the little drop appears at
the end.  Are there sets with tubing that's harder to see through?  I'm
wondering because I just got some samples of the micro from MM...no
directions included, so I haven't tried them yet.  I believe directions have
been posted here recently, but I 've been to busy (or lazy...) to sit down &
put the two items together & give it a go.

If I'm making no sense here in what I'm asking, forgive me...pre-coffee
state hits hard around here at this hour!


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