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Re: [IP] That's how I feel...

Hi All -

When I started on my pump (1-17-99) my bg's were constantly high.  All the
time.  OK, got out and re-read "Pumping Insulin" again.  Lo and behold - my
CDE had given me the wrong bolus amounts!  So I corrected over Memorial Day
weekend, checking constantly to avoid what I expected to be lows.  Instead -
normal BG levels!  David - check your basal rates - it sounds like they
could be a little off.  For me, the way I check, is not eat anything (tough,
I know) for about 4 hours.  Check in the beginning, and check every hour for
4 hours.  If you're close at the end, to where you were in the beginning,
then your basals are probably right.  Just process of elimination, you know?
If it's just a result of eating, then Maybe adjust your bolus?  Sounds like
could be your basal, to me, but I've been wrong before!       Good luck
finguring it out!


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