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Re: [IP] Amount of prime

I probably also prime with 5 units, but being stubborn about "wasting"
insulin, I do it in increments of 2.5, but usually have to put in almost
that exact amount.  So I prime "about" 5 too.  In the early days of pumping,
I think I misunderstood  my CDE and only primed .5 (yup, you read it right -
point 5!).  My blood sugars were also always high that first day.  Finally,
occurred to me to prime more, (I had been leaving out one step), and now -
finally - have it right.

I would have to agree with the rest - if your bg is only high that first
day, than ARE you priming enough?  I'm the first to admit the set change is
complicated, you have to pay attention to detail (not my long suit), and I
cannot do it in less than 20 minutes.

Hope you figure it out!  Jane

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