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Subject: [IP] A Poll

Hi Kerri,
My daughter is 10, pumping for 1.3 years,  and I use my judgement about the
3 am check.  If her numbers have been stable at night for a while, she
didn't have anything weird to eat in the evening, her bedtime sugar was in
target range, etc, then I don't do a 3 am check.  BUT, if she's had a high
fat meal (always makes her high hours later), exercised a lot in the
evening, or if she's just on one of those growth spurts where her sugar is
unpredictable at night, then I do.  Looking through our record book, it ends
up being that I check one about 2 out of 3 nights, but enjoy the 1 out of 3
nights that I don't.

Nancy Morgan

<<I'm just curious if any of you routinely do a 3AM bg check or did
you stop doing them at some point & why.
My 9yo daughter has been pumping since 11/30/99 and we are still
doing them routinely >>

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