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[IP] pregnancy & diabetes

Ami and Dawn, 
Gee, I'm just full of questions today. Hope no one minds!
I have been wondering about this since my daughter (age 9) was
diagnosed 3+ yrs ago. I know, I know, she still has a LOT of time
ahead of her before she ever has children! However, I am still
curious (mostly want ammo for well-meaning but misinformed family
members who have seen Steel Magnolias too many times <G>.) I
already know that a diabetic pregnancy is considered high risk,
but does it mean automatic c-sections too? (What about automatic
early inductions - has anyone here ever been "allowed" to go to
term?) I would think if you are in excellent control (and with no
complications) it wouldn't be necessary but then, I don't know
that much about diabetes and pregnancy. 
Your stories are very encouraging! Thanks for sharing! :)

Ami said:
Hi Dawn! I am new here too and have had 4 children. All healthy,
pregnancies. I also was dx'd at the age of 9 : )

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
"Cultivate peace at home." Petalesharo, Pawnee (Indian)
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