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[IP] Re: A Poll

>> I'm just curious if any of you routinely do a 3AM bg check or did
you stop doing them at some point & why.<<

Hi Kerri,

Erica is 11, and has been pumping 10 months now, the first few months we
were doing many more 3am checks then than we do now.  However, I don't
think we will ever do without them.  We usually check Erica when
*She has been at a friends in the evening and we are not sure how active
she has been, or how accurate she has been with figuring her bolus.
*She has been outside after supper and MUCH more active than
usual...that is hard to do.
*Her 11pm reading is high or low..  Anything below 6.5mmol we treat with
some milk (how much depends on blood sugar) which works very well to
carry her through the night...but if she is down around 4.0mmol at 11pm
we usually double check at 3am.  With higher sugars, growth hormones
like to keep us guessing if they are the culprit at those 11pm
readings.  We always bolus her down, but check at 3am just to make sure
it isn't a site problem.  We wouldn't want her running high all night.
* For some reason we have had to put in a site change late in the
*When she has a sleepover :)  Sometimes they are still chatting at
3am!!  Thank goodness with the pump she can sleep in :)  She always does
her blood sugar before actually going to sleep during a sleepover,  and
treats herself as she sees fit, but we usually double check at around
4am when she is zzzing.  We want to empower her, but we also want to
*Whenever she is sick and we have had to increase all her basals.

On the average, I would say we check Erica at 3am, about 6-8 times a
month.  Things are usually great 90% of the time, but for that 1 in 10
chance that she is going higher, or a little too low for comfort, it is
worth the sleepwalking.

Hope this helps :)
Oh....by the way.....my husband ALWAYS does the  3am checks.....he could
walk to the corner store at 3am and come home and go directly back to
sleep.  I walk to the bathroom and back, I toss and turn for an hour.
So, because he has the gift of easy sleep, he wins the job!!  He is just
so happy about that <vbg>

Barb....Erica's mom

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