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Re: Bubbles, was Re: [IP] Pre-filling MM syringes

At 05:52 PM 1/22/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Ruth Schneider wrote:
> > it is those PESKY bubbles that sometimes occur.
>I used to worry lots about the bubble I could rarely get out of the
>cartridge until a post by Fran helped me see I was stressing over a
>bubble that never got in the tubing.  I still try to get all the bubbles
>out just don't worry about the ones I can't.  I just check morning and
>night to make sure the bubble is still in the cartridge.

If you have a bubble(s) you just can't get out (larger than champagne) just 
hang the pump upside down with the plunger end up. I have just started 
pumping and don't know the clip configurations except the MM 508. It will 
stay on a belt, strap, etc. upside down allowing any bubbles to move to the 
plunger not the tubing.

Jim Holman

email @ redacted

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