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Re: [IP] high #'s after set change

Dear Anne,
My 13 year old daughter has been pumping for a month and I have noticed the 
same thing!  I also thought of a .5 bolus before changing as a way of 
accomodating the delayed dose of insulin caused by changing the infusion set. 
 What do you think is happening?  
My daughter has been diabetic for 2 years and has always had a1cs in the 6s.  
The first test after going on the pump was 7.4 which was a huge blow to both 
of us considering all the effort she has put in.  She started crying in the 
doctor's office.  I am so burned out from the additional upfront effort 
required in the initial stages of the pump, that I started crying in the car 
on the way home.  On top of that, it was our first appointment with a new 
doctor who practically ignored me and didn't take that  much time.  I'm sure 
it didn't help that we walked in there without any numbers to analyze, but I 
just got so burned out I stopped keeping them 2 weeks after going on the 
pump.  Last night, my husband and daughter and I decided that, since records 
must be kept in order to analyze number and fine tune, my husband would do 
the record keeping, possibly the next doctor's visit and his part in the 
everyday support.   I will basically handle the insurance, maintain supply 
inventories, enrollment in diabetic summer camps, everyday support and other 
trouble shooting).
We were warned that the a1c number might go up because of the reduction of 
lows on the pump.  I still fully believe the pump is the future for most 
diabetics, but it has been draining on both of us.  The MM Sof-set infusion 
set lasts longer, but causes her problems; it often itches or actually hurts. 
 So she never gets more than 2 days with this set.  The Siloette feels 
better, but comes out all the time.  So with frequent changes of infusion 
sets, she needlessly has high numbers every other day after each set change.  
I haven't felt this depressed since diagnosis.  As a family we have done very 
well with this disease, but I thought it would be easier by now.  
Down in Chicago, 
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