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Re: [IP] That's how I feel...

    Of course I can't say for sure why your bg's are yo-yoing.  You
mentioned you bolus with syringes too.  My doctor had me do something that I
think makes a lot of sense-  If my bg is high (high is generaly over 180 for
me, but for this test, we say over 250), I am to check my urine for ketones.
If I do not have ketones, then my endo says the pump is working properly, I
just need more Insuline, so I bolus with pump.  If I do have ketones, then
there may be something wrong with the pump, so I am to bolus with syringe
and check all the tubing and troubleshooting issues relating to the pump.
Check bg frequently.  This check system has been working well for me.

  Anyway, good luck to you, and remember- sometimes our bodies just decide
to do things differently for a bit, and off goes the yo-yo!!  I try to ride
out the roller-coaster checking often and constantly bolusing (with pump).
[knock on wood- I have NOT ONCE taken a syringe injection since going on the
pump in August '99!!!]

ciao, Brian
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