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[IP] 3 am BG checks

> > I'm just curious if any of you routinely do a 3AM bg check

I still do a 2 am check on geneva... except for sleepovers.

I find that if I check her then,  I can correct and she almost always
awakens with great numbers.  she has this problem with sometimes being
really high late at night.   high fat foods or growth hormone or whatever.
we can't figure it out.  the 2 am check is ok with me.  I am used to it.

michael still checks lily at 2 am also.  she is pumping five years now.

geneva started pumping in june.  her endos also seem to think we should NOT
have to do middle of night checks.  I am not ready to relinquish as with
growth happening....it makes me feel better.

but...last night she did an overnight....and she did not check herself at 2
 at 5:40 am she was 72...had to treat.  she had over-corrected at bedtime
(per MY instructions)

ruth, mom to 10 1/2 yr. old geneva

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